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March 6, 2017
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Does Virtual Reality Feel Real?


Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to immerse fully in a different world, even if just for a few minutes? Now that the technological advancement has brought us what is widely known as virtual reality, some might argue whether it’s just another simulation, easily distinguishable by our brains or does it really feel like an entirely different reality.

Because, can a headset be a substitute for what’s around us?

Naturally, one would say that it all depends on the hardware power. The better the headset, the more “real” the graphics and thus, the experience. But even though there’s a big difference between the newest Oculus Rift and its low-end the competitors, especially those based on smartphones, even the best VR world is unable of tricking us completely. Or is it?

While it’s very easy to forget about the real world once you put on the headset, people can just as easily forget about anything else when they watch a good movie or play an engaging video game. Naturally, those aren’t as dynamic experiences as VR, in which you can take part with your whole body thanks to hand controllers that come with some of the VR sets (and with a lot fewer distractions). But most people don’t need much to forget about the real world – even if just for minute or two.

This means that although VR itself is yet to trick our brains, we want many things to feel real, even though we know they really don’t. This, together with an increasing hardware power will make us buy into the illusion. The scary part is that although now it feels real because we want it to, soon the illusion may be too perfect to distinguish from reality, deceiving us against our will.

Tomasz Jelski
Tomasz Jelski
Co-Founder and CEO of PIRX – softwarehouse specializing in innovative products and services in the VR and AR fields.

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