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We provide the highest quality solutions using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology.
Applications that boost your brand image and help you build a lasting relationship with your audience.


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Tomasz Jelski


Wojciech Reszke


Łukasz Kaleński

Unity Programmer

Marcin Słowikowski

Unity Programmer

Daniel Płatek

Graphic Designer

Artur Gaca

Graphic Designer

Adriana Bąkowska de Carvalho

Account Manager

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20 Nov

Virtual and Augmented Reality revolution is coming. That’s a fact – No matter what the naysayers and critics say, starting with the Oculus Rift premiere last year and Pokemon Go astonishing worldwide popularity, the newest technology, and its marketing potential has already …

16 Nov

Is VR a Breakthrough Technology?  Will virtual reality become the next big thing? While it might be too early to answer this question, we can’t help but notice that more and more businesses start treating it seriously and include VR …

12 Nov

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to immerse fully in a different world, even if just for a few minutes? Now that the technological advancement has brought us what is widely known as virtual reality, some might argue whether it’s …