Does Your Text Message Exist? Examples of VR in Everyday Life

As the diffusion of VR technology accelerates, some people begin to wonder when we’ll “enter the Matrix.” Not many of us realize that we are already there – at least in some cases. In fact, we’re living in a world that just a few decades ago would be hard to imagine.

Virtual Entertainment

If we were to categorize everything that’s artificial and virtual as VR, then even movies could be regarded part of it. Next, we have computers, especially computer games which allow people to live a different life in a virtual world (a great example of which are MMORPGS or the virtual world of Second Life, which, by its developers, is not classified as a game at all). But the biggest change of all is noticeable in the way we work and communicate.

Your Job (Well, At Least Part of It)

And we don’t mean the salary. If your job involves a lot of working on a computer, then you spend close to half of your day at work creating documents you can’t even touch. Then you get “non-existing” documents in the form of computer files from others. None of which exist in the real world, at least not before you print them.

New Forms of Communication

Let’s now take a look at the ways in which we communicate. You can now call people anywhere in the world, no matter where you are, with the use of your mobile phone, or send them short text messages that exist only on the phone.

But not only that – you can also see people in real time and talk to them even if they are on the other side of the world. While you still can’t touch them, there’s something unreal about talking to someone who’s hundreds or thousands of miles away, and yet you can see their emotions, almost as if they were staying right next to you.

While the above examples are far from being as “virtual”, as the biggest fans of VR would like them to be, when compared to the way people used to live just a few decades ago, they are a real virtual reality. Just think about it. Is the text you’re reading at this very moment real or not? (hint: we didn’t write it on paper ?).


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