Type: Large interactive installation

Location: A shopping mall

The project:

In this project, we used large-format screens, AR apps created by Pirx Lab, and a Microsoft Kinect motion detector. The first app allows users to take photos of themselves (selfies) with AR elements that are visible only on one of the screens. To receive the picture, users have to visit mall’s official website. That way the visitors are encouraged to visit the gallery both online and in “real life.”
The second App is a simple game with competitive elements. As a reward for completing it, participants are presented with the visualization of a new part of the shopping center. To reach as many customers as possible, the project has been divided into two separate installations, each located on a different level.

The challenge:

Because the project included multiple stages, the biggest challenge was putting it all together. The key to success of the project was to create a place that would advertise the new part of the Shopping Centre while allowing mall’s customers to relax. All that without taking their attention away from the main goal of their visit – shopping.

The goal:

  • Collect customer information on the website
  • Make use of the areas close to the redevelopment work
  • Establish relationship with the customers and make their time at the mall more enjoyable
  • Raise the enthusiasm and expectations by advertising the new part of the shopping mall

About the client:

The Galaxy Mall in Szczecin is one of the most popular shopping centers in the region. Once the current development is completed, it will also be one of the largest. In total, it will feature around 200 stores on 58 thousand square meters.