Type: Mobile application (VR)

Platforms: Android, iOS

The project:
The App was developed for visitors of the Kazamatten Beatrix water sluice. The sluice was built on the Lekkanaal Channel, which is a part of the waterway between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The VR and AR technologies allow the app user to see how the dam used to look, how it works today and how it’ll change after the current construction work is finished.

The challenge:
The most important element of the project is the comparison of the three stages of the water gate’s “life” - the past, the present and the future - in a way that shows the advantages of its redevelopment.

The goal:

  • Emphasize the economic significance of the sluice.
  • Present the geographical and historical importance of the canal
  • Compare the results of both the completed and the future construction work on the sluice

About the client:

The Rijkswaterstaat is part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. It is responsible for the project, construction, management and maintenance of the Beatrix sluice – the largest of its kind in the Netherlands.