Type: Mobile application (VR) (AR)
Platforms: Android, iOS

The project:

The App developed for Wärtsilä is a virtual presentation of the company's offer in the Benelux countries. It provides users with access to advertising materials, information brochures, videos and contact details – all that within one menu (available in two different languages). Furthermore, the app features certain AR & VR solutions.

The challenge:

Wärtsilä's offer is primarily addressed to companies (B2B). For this reason, the main problem during the development was the presentation of a variety of information and content within one menu. All that had to be done while keeping the menu clear and intuitive.

The goal:

  • Distinguish the company’s offer from its competitors
  • Present company’s offer in a mobile app
  • Create an intuitive and easy-to-use business app

About the client:

Wärtsilä – a Finnish company headquartered in Helsinki, operating in the energy, marine and fuel industries. The company's activities include the production and maintenance of power plant equipment, ship design, and the development and installation of Environmental Protection Systems.