About the client:

iTS-Aluminum-Profilsysteme GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of aluminum frames, used in the construction of winter garden glasshouses. The company is one of the leaders in its industry and is present in several European countries, including Italy, Austria, and Poland. The project was created for the German headquarters of the company.

The project:

The App developed for the TS-Aluminum company allows the user to create visualizations of winter gardens, customize them and view them using the VR technology. To make the experience as close to reality as possible, users can interact with all moving parts, such as windows or doors. They can also edit the exterior of the building or change the weather.
As of now, we have completed the first version of the app (which includes all of the above features). However, thanks to its unexpected success, the project will be developed further, and new functions will be added.

The challenge:

Wintergarden VR has been created with three end-users in mind: the TS-Aluminum Company, its sub-contractors (who build winter gardens for the final clients using TS-Aluminum frames), and the final customers themselves.

That's why right from the start we knew that we had to create an experience capable of convincing the customers to use the services of TS-Aluminum and its subcontractors. On top of that, we had to make sure that the app offered a high-quality presentation of the product, was intuitive and user-friendly.

It is worth mentioning that the first test of the new application – which took place during the official presentation – was performed in front of almost 200 participants. Those included employees of both the main client and its subcontractors.

Because Wintergarden VR is a very complex project, the next challenge we faced was the optimization of the app. The goal was to reduce the CPU and RAM usage while keeping the overall quality of all elements high. We managed to achieve the right balance thanks to our unique, in-house-developed Unity solutions.

The goal:

  • Present company’s product in virtual reality
  • Create a well-optimized and intuitive app
  • Ensure optimal performance even on low-end devices
  • Leave room for further app development

Video The official presentation of our app in Germany: