Type: Mobile application (VR)

Platforms: Android, iOS

The project:

The main goal of the Woonbox App is to bring the user closer to the common issues faced by homeowners (burglary, flooding) and educate him on the potential prevention methods. All that was followed by a short explanation of the impact the presented issues have on a sample insurance policy. To educate the user, the app utilizes a 3D model of a house. Thanks to that, the whole process is very enjoyable to use and all details presented are a lot easier to remember.

The challenge:

The most significant challenge was the industry – insurance – which is usually considered boring and difficult to understand. Thanks to the visualization, Rabobank's customers can easily understand the impact of specific events on the decisions made by the insurer.

The goal:

  • Educate the user

  • Strengthen customer – brand relations

About the client:

Rabobank is one of the key players in both the Dutch as well as the global banking sectors. It is regularly ranked among the world's largest financial institutions and offers a vast array of banking and insurance services.