The project:

Yacht VR is a simple app that lets users personalize and operate their very own yacht in virtual reality. They can customize both the external design of the boat as well as some of the items aboard. After the customization is finished, users can test the yacht and swim through (fully virtual) water.

The challenge:

We used this app to test certain aspects of User Experience. The experience we have gained while developing this app is still being used today in all solutions we create for our customers. The main challenge was the development of an app that would be intuitive enough to ensure that its use would not take the pleasure away from the experience.
At the same time, we wanted to implement basic customization options. In order to achieve the desired effect, the app was tested by people who had never came in contact with VR technology.

The goal:

  • Development of an easy-to-use simulation
  • Customizing experience – the ability to edit the 3D yacht model

Video Zobacz, jak działa: