The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

Is VR a Breakthrough Technology? 
Will virtual reality become the next big thing? While it might be too early to answer this question, we can’t help but notice that more and more businesses start treating it seriously and include VR solutions in their marketing mix. And it’s no surprise – even though the technology is still young, there are already some significant advantages which soon can turn it into a real game changer.

It’s better than Radio, TV or the Internet (even though it works together with the latter)
Radio, TV, the Internet – all of them were breakthrough technologies, but none got even close to what VR can already offer. Instead of being just a passive listener or spectator, thanks to VR you can immerse yourself in whatever is presented to you. This can soon revolutionize multiple industries and, together with the Internet, completely redefine the way brands communicate with people and people interact with brands and with each other.

People No Longer Have to Risk Their Life
Well, at least some of them. Because VR can simulate real life, it’s an excellent solution for creating and testing scenarios which in reality would pose a real threat to people. This allows private companies and public institutions to train their employees and examine their performance in situations similar to that of real life, without putting anyone’s health or life at risk. This way they can be even better prepared for real action, when every mistake may have grave consequences.

It Can Sell Better Than Your Top Sales Person
VR is a powerful sales tool. Even though the technology is far from being perfect, it’s already used in the sales process, especially in those industries in which visuals have a strong impact on buyer’s decision. Real estate, hospitality, tourism – while definitely not all of those in which VR is doing a great job, all three of them are well known for being highly competitive and requiring excellent sales skills. VR allows potential customers to see and experience things no sales person will ever be capable of presenting. And there’s no better way of selling than showing your clients how their dreams become a (virtual) reality.

It Makes Learning a Lot More Effective
As you probably know, educating your audience is one of the foundations of your sales funnel. Thanks to virtual reality, learning of any kind becomes a lot more kinesthetic (learning by exploring – that’s how children discover the world around them), making it easier for people to understand and retain new information. By interacting with your customers and letting them discover more about your products or brand in the virtual world, you increase the chance of establishing a long-term relationship and selling your products.

It’s a Money Saver
Despite being a costly technology (at least for now), VR can save you a lot of money. If you are a manufacturer, you know how important it is to test products at every stage of the development process. Thanks to VR, you don’t have to use raw materials when shaping new parts in the pre-development stage and can instead move some of the tests to the virtual world. This way you can wait until you get the best-looking design before spending any money on real resources and materials.

But, Unfortunately, It Can Be a Pricey Investment.
Sadly, when it comes to business implementation of the virtual reality, the cost can be a significant drawback. To make the experience as close to reality as possible, you need hardware that’s expensive and can take a lot of space to play with. For example, even if you wanted your employees to use VR on a daily basis, each of them would require extra office space to be able to experience the virtual world without any distractions.

The same applies to the clients of your brand. Top-quality VR headsets are not that cheap and, as a result, are not a priority on the shopping lists of the majority of your audience. Luckily, this is changing quickly, and both hardware and development prices are already going down rapidly, as more and more companies start offering VR solutions, and more people begin to understand what it really is and how to use it.


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