Wrong Ways to Promoting Your Business in 2017 – Why Apps Beat Traditional Marketing Channels Hands down?

Yellow Pages, catalogs, magazines, direct mail, radio, TV ads and so on. In the era of digital marketing, all of them are viewed as traditional ways of advertising. While for some businesses these channels are still effective, we can’t help but notice that they are no longer the best choice for advertising your company in 2017. Especially considering the rapid growth of mobile apps, which happens at the expense of both traditional and digital marketing channels.

Why “Traditional Ways” Are No Longer Effective in 2017?

The truth is, some of them haven’t been as effective as other available marketing channels for a long time already, especially when comparing traditional offline channels to online ones. The number one reason? It’s just a lot easier to target customers, collect data and measure the results.

This, in turn, lets advertisers optimize their campaigns, significantly lowering the cost of acquisition. But even some of the digital channels are already starting to look obsolete compared to mobile advertising with the use of apps.

You Can’t Fight the Trend

The data and marketing statistics are in favor of digital and mobile channels. In fact, the latter seems to be doing even better than other venues of online advertising. Just a few months ago, in October 2016, for the first time in history, mobile Internet usage surpassed desktop one.1

But that’s not all. The use of apps dominates the way smartphone customers browse the Internet, with 90% of the time spent in apps and just 10% accounting for browsers such as Chrome or Safari.2 It is also predicted that by 2019, mobile advertising will be accounting for around 72% of all digital ad spending.3

Direct Marketing Channel with a 24/7 Visibility

Would it be easier for you to sell your products if you were able to stay in touch with your customers at all times? And we don’t mean stalking them or contacting them in the middle of the night, but being able to inform them of all the special sales and promotions right when it matters. Using a channel that they use all the time, and which is, unlike other forms of advertising, hard to ignore? That’s exactly how mobile apps work.

But being able to contact your customers anytime you want doesn’t mean you should try to sell them something all the time. In fact, such a direct relationship with your audience is especially important when you consider the advertising noise that’s already out there. With thousands of businesses competing using every possible marketing channel, having a way of reaching your clients frequently is an excellent way of building customer loyalty.

Business in a Pocket

And it’s not just contacting your customers anytime you want. You can let them know about your latest special offer anywhere they are. And it works the other way around too. On average, your customers prefer to look for something on the phone, rather than using their laptops. If they can connect with your business using a convenient app they can access in just a few seconds, they will be a lot more likely to do so. And the contact will always be timely and immediate, at precisely the moment they need it.

Stand Out and Reach New Audience

Because apps are a relatively less competitive channel (at least for now), it’s a lot easier to distinguish your business from the crowd. Naturally, just like with any other way of marketing, a low-quality app is just meh. The key is to design your app with needs of your customers in mind. Naturally, your app should also take advantage of all the extra functions available, including push notifications.

And don’t forget to top all that with a little bit of AR. This way, you stand a chance of having a marketing channel that’s loved by your customers so much, they eagerly share it with others, providing you with a lot of free publicity.

It’s Just a Lot More Affordable

Last but not least – the cost of marketing with the use of apps can be a lot lower compared to both traditional and digital channels. Just think about it. How many times do you need an app developed? While the upfront cost might be a little high, especially if you choose an app that implements AR solutions, over time the benefits of staying in touch with your customers can be massive. And nothing encourages customers to interact with your brand like a well-developed app. Right after great product and amazing customer experience, of course.


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