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March 16, 2017
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How to use VR to Stand Out – 4 Ideas for Small and Big Businesses


All new technologies, no matter whether they become a big success or a complete failure, have one thing in common – from the very beginning, many businesses are striving to use them as their competitive advantage. And because the virtual reality is on its way to becoming a huge success, more and more companies are experimenting with using it to stand out from the crowd of their competitors. What can you do to join them?

Just Get Started

The best is that because the majority of businesses in any industry are yet to adopt any kind of VR solutions, all you need to do is actually start using the technology. This simple move will provide you with a huge advantage over your competitors right from the start. Of course, if you use it to help and interact with your customers, that’s even better.

Demonstrate Your Products & Services

The first and most obvious thing which you could do is use VR to bring your products or services closer to your clients. For example, you could allow them to “test” your products in an entirely virtual environment. The same applies to services. Imagine being able to demonstrate your visitors how your service works, before actually doing the work. Maybe then, a visit to a dentist wouldn’t be so scary, and your soon-to-be clients would learn about your professionalism even before visiting your business. Not to mention that such demonstration could answer a lot of questions and prevent numerous complaints.

Present Your Brand Values

Other use of VR could include focusing on the interaction between your audience and your brand. Showing your potential customers what your brand is all about in the form of a presentation in a fully virtual world, would definitely attract a lot word of mouth to your company, attracting customers who associate with the values of your brand.

Offer Virtual Customer Service (with real-life results)

The last, but definitely not the least important idea is an entirely virtual customer service. Naturally, the results have to be as tangible as possible because. As they say, your client is always right. But maybe helping them get answers to their questions in a friendlier form than an old-fashioned phone call could help your brand image?

Tomasz Jelski
Tomasz Jelski
Co-Founder and CEO of PIRX – softwarehouse specializing in innovative products and services in the VR and AR fields.

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