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Why You Should Outsource Development to Poland – and It’s Not All about the Money.


Finding quality developers can be a costly investment. First, you need to spend time and money looking for them and attracting them to your company. And once they are hired, you need to care about them so that they stay with you – your competition never sleeps, and skilled developers add a lot to your competitive advantage. Not to mention that if you are offering products and services on your local market and at the same time pay local rates for the development, the profit is rarely as high as you would like it to. That’s why more and more companies outsource their work. But which country to choose?  While not that long ago, due to lack of a better choice, most businesses chose countries in Asia, rising labor costs, geographical distance, as well as legal and cultural differences make it increasingly hard to work together, especially for small and medium-sized businesses and marketing agencies. This is where Poland comes in – and here is why:

Communicate Easily Thanks to Geographical Proximity
Although Poland is not your local market, it’s not as geographically and culturally far as you could think. Thanks to its strategic location in the heart of Europe and overlapping work times, it is very easy to communicate with your Polish partners during your business hours – no matter if you are in the States, Western Europe or even Australia. Our working times overlap with everyone. Moreover, the small (almost non-existent) cultural gap, similar laws, and English proficiency among developers result in a much easier communication, eliminating a lot of risks. And speaking of which…

Enjoy Stable Business Climate and Security
Poland is a member of the European Union, G20, OECD, WTO and multiple other international organizations. Because of that, you can be sure that all European and international trade and security laws are respected, including those on data protection, copyright, and intellectual property. Thanks to free information exchange with other European countries and close cooperation with the United States, the level of security feels like working with a neighboring business in your local city.

Get Access to World’s Top Developers and Designers
A quality workforce is one of the foundations of every business. How would your business benefit if you could access world’s leading developers? And all that no matter how big your company is? When it comes to education, IT is one of the most popular fields of study among Polish students. This makes it increasingly competitive, and only the best can secure spots at top universities. No wonder Polish programmers are among the top in international rankings – HackerRank ranks them as third in the world, and they frequently win or come in the top 3 of programming events organized annually by Facebook, Google, and IBM. Looking for skilled developers, truly passionate about their work? We have a solution for you.

And save A LOT of Money in the Process
Of course, all these benefits would mean little if they didn’t come with significant money savings. Thanks to lower labor costs, you can save thousands of dollars (or euros and pounds if that’s your currency), per year on just one developer. And if you choose to work with a team, the savings quickly get multiplied and reach hundreds of thousands. All that without having to waste time or money on the recruitment process – so that you can focus on growing your business and have more money to reinvest into it.

It’s like Working with Your Neighbor but More Affordable
Naturally, we assume you like your neighbors. At the same time, we believe that while money savings are important, the ease of communication, trust, mutual respect and quality of work are the things that should distinguish us from among other developers. And that’s our blueprint for success. So why don’t we start working together now? Use the form below to contact us, tell us more about your project and let us show you what we can do for you.

Tomasz Jelski
Tomasz Jelski
Co-Founder and CEO of PIRX – softwarehouse specializing in innovative products and services in the VR and AR fields.

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